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At Librairie Michel Fortin, we speak your language!

Effective learning methods

Our staff keeps up to date on the latest language-teaching methods. They'll help you navigate through all the available material and zero in on the best choices for your students. Not only can we serve you in French, but we also speak English, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese and even Swedish!

We make language learning a snap

Our store has the most extensive collection of language books anywhere. In fact, we stock books in over 250 languages. We offer student textbooks and workbooks, teacher's manuals and classroom audio materials, unilingual and bilingual dictionaries, easy readers with or without audio and supplementary material. We even carry applications for interactive whiteboards (IWB) when available.

A bookstore that responds to your needs

As part of our commitment to offering personalized service, one of our staff members works exclusively with communities and schools. With help from our manager, this dedicated employee will take care of all your requests. She will oversee the entire process, from the moment you place an order to its delivery to your door. You will have your own personal contact!

A responsive and passionate team

Are you looking for a particular method you are familiar with or have used before? You can submit your requests to her by e-mail or phone. Whether you need advice, want to know if a book is in stock or have a question about prices, we'll be sure to get back to you within 48 hours.

Special orders

We can place special orders with publishers of language methods worldwide. We import from China, Iran, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany and elsewhere. All you have to do is name the publisher.

Our Partners

Language books

We work closely with the major language method publishers :

  • Difusión, Editorial Los Mayas, S.G.E.L., Edinumen, SM, Santillana, Cátedra, etc. for Spanish;
  • Edilingua, Alma Edizioni, Guerra Edizioni, Mondadori, Le Monnier, Bonacci, etc. for Italian;
  • Klett, Cornelsen, Langenscheidt, Hueber Verlag, Goldmann, Fischer, Ulstein, etc. for German
  • and many more.
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